Wednesday, August 23, 2006

ImagOn Photopolymer Film for Coper Plate Printmaking

ImagOnWould you like to know more about photopolymer films? I am available to research your printmaking related questions. Takach Press offers ImagOn Photopolymer film and photo sensetive related supplies. You can contact Takach press at 1-800-248-3460 for more information about the Printmaking supplies they offer.


Anonymous said...


I would be grateful if you you tell me if there are any precautions I should take when cleaning photopolymer plates with soap and water? Will the soap or water degrade the plate in anyway?I am using oil-based inks that can be washed with soap and water (Caligo safe wash inks).

Any advice would be much appreciated. Penelope Brown

dash1up said...


Re: Cleaning Imagon coated Plates with water;
I would avoid using water since the film is processed mainly with water (and abit of soda-ash). My feeling is that you might begin to erode the plate after a few cleanings.

The non-toxic way around this is use either Baby-oil, Soy-oil or a Soy-solvent (Soy Response). All clean-up any oil based inks really well.