Thursday, August 24, 2006

Printmaking: How to clean Takach Press Rollers and Brayers

Cleanup of Rollers and Brayers

Takach Press rollers are made of natural rubber with some plasticies to help hold the durometer. However we always suggest using a quality roller wash such as Varn 133 for final cleanup. The roller wash will remove any oily residue that may be left from whatever type of cleaner that may have been used. You can also use water and dishwashing soap for clean up. Dishwashing soap is good at breaking up oily surfaces.

To protect your roller long term.

Limit the use and time exposed to petroleum based products. Also keep the roller covered when not in use to protect it from any U.V. light source such as fluorescent lights and sun light.

Do you have more questions?

If you or anyone else has a question about rollers feel free to leave a comment here and Takach Press Corp will reply. Or call 1-800-248-3460 and ask for Joe Pool. Thanks for any Comments.


dash1up said...

Also do not leave your roller or brayer laying on a surface or touching another surface. This will cause an indent to form in the rubber creating a mark when you are rolling ink onto your plate.

Anonymous said...

I work in a solvent free studio so I would not be able to use Varn 133 (it says it is petroleum based) - is the Varn 120 interchangeable with Varn 133? I currently use canola oil to remove ink from my brayers and then wash the oil off with soap and water. Can I use canola oil on your rubber brayers or would you recommend the Varn 120?

Thank you

dash1up said...

Yes, Varn 120 is interchangeable with Varn 130 both are recommended to clean Takach rollers and brayers. Canola oil can be used, but it needs to be cleaned off of the rubber surface thoroughly with water and soap and then a final rinse of water to remove the soap. You may also try the soy response it works really well to remove ink from rollers and all you will need to do is wash the soy response off with water as a final wipe.