Monday, August 06, 2007

Welcome Printmakers: Please use this space to introduce yourselves

Hello, My name is Alan Takach, Education: I am currently working towards my BFA at the University of New Mexico. I am focused in the studio and more particularly in printmaking. I have completed courses in Lithography, Intaglio, and Serigraphy. I will complete my degree requirements in the fall of 2007, though there are many courses that I would still like to take. Professionally: I started working at Takach Press corporation as a teen and have learned the skills required to build the presses that we manufacture.
Community: I attended the Southern Graphics Council conference in Kansas City in 2007 and was introduced to the wonderful community of printmakers. It was great to experience first hand the diversity and warm welcoming of students, professors, and professional printmakers. Attending the conference inspired not only my art, it instilled personal edifice in the printing products that we at Takach Press produce.