Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Registration Pins: How To Choose The Correct Size

A question we often answer for Takach Press's customers is about registration pin diameters and height choices. Our customers have the option of several pin choices that we manufacture. They must choose the correct registration pins from two diameters of and several heights.

Registration Pin Diameter

Takach Punch Registration Systems that were manufactured prior to 1991 use the 1/4 inch (.250") diameter registration pins. This size of pin will also work with a inexpensive three hole punch purchased at a office supply store. Takach Punch Registration Systems that were manufactured after 1991 use the 9/32 inch (.281") diameter registration pins.

Registration Pin Height

Registration pins come in the following heights .070" which is approximately 1/16 inch .125" 1/8 inch. .250" 1/4 inch. Our customers choose the pin height based on their matrix's thickness and the thickness of the paper used in a printing session.

Label Your Punch Registration System

We recommend that once a shop determines the correct diameter pin that a note be placed on the punch so that shop users who reorder the pins can quickly and accurately reorder punch registration pins. If your studio has a Takach Press 9/32 inch(.281") diameter punch registration system We will gladly send you a sticker to be placed on the punch, just contact us and ask.

What Are Punch Registration Pins Used For?

Registration pins are used by lithographers and other printmakers to align or register their printmaking paper to the litho plate or other printing matrix during the printing process. Printmakers use 3 hole or 6 hole punch registration punchs to punch holes into their printmaking matrix and corosponding holes into their paper.

Takach Combination Press Transfer Table Instructional Video

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