Monday, March 24, 2008

Innovative Design Of Traditional Etching Press

Takach Etching Press Synchronized Pressure System

Takach Synchronized Pressure Etching Press
Takach Etching Press With Synchronized Pressure System And Rotational Blanket System

Takach Synchronized Pressure Table Top Etching Press
Takach Table Top Etching Press With Synchronized Pressure System, Rotational Blanket System, and Optional Captains Wheel
The Synchronized Pressure System is an optional feature on etching Presses, that allows adjustment of printing pressure from a single side of the printing press. The chain driven pressure screws move in unison, eliminating the need to walk around the etching press to adjust printing pressure. The Synchronized Pressure System ensures even printing pressure without the need of the micrometer dials. It saves valuable print studio space, as it allows a press to be used when placed against a wall. The complete package consists of synchronized pressure system, rotational blanket system and felt blankets. The rotational blanket system raises the felts off of the printing surface, freeing the hands of the printmaker during printing. The Rotational Blanket System feature eliminates the need to handle the blankets as they are neatly kept out of the way while remaining on the etching press ready for use.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Printmaking with Youth in the Classroom or Art Program

Release their inner printmaker, incorporate printmaking in your lesson plan or art program for youth. A recycled product that works well and is budget friendly can also be good for the environment. Recycle the wax coated cardboard from empty milk cartons or similar packages, like juice. The material is something you can have your students bring from home to obtain adequate quantities for the class while encouraging recycling. Similar to printing from Styrofoam boards the waxed side of the cardboard will resist water based inks, allowing the artist to select where the ink will hold by scraping or incising lines. Stippling effects are wonderful and can be achieved by pressing the point of pointed object like a pen making a recessed area for ink to hold. Cutting through the wax layer to expose the cardboard beneath will expose the fibers of the cardboard creating wonderfully organic edges and color ranges. Similarly areas within the image can be removed to create large areas of color. Try a multiple color application process normally called selective wiping or a la poupe, by placing different colors in different regions of the print during the wiping process. Where the colors meet blending will occur. This is a simple project with wonderful results. It does require that the plates / waxed cardboard be wiped, practicality would suggest cheesecloth if you don't have a good way to obtain tarlatin. This technique is primarily an intaglio process, but if your inks are of the right consistency color can be rolled onto the raised surfaces after initial wiping of contrasting colors. Try printing with Akua Intaglio Non-toxic inks, with inexpensive Speedball brayers.
Speedball Brayers
Speedball Brayers
Akua Intaglio Inks
Akua Intaglio Inks

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Used Etching Press For Sale

Used Table Top Etching Press For Sale

Used 1836 Table Top Etching Press
Used Takach 1836 Table Top Etching Press For Sale
1836 Table Top Etching Press with 7.5" upper drum and Captains wheel.

Many Accessories included

Support bench, copper plate, registration grid, bed cover, apron included.

Asking $3,925.00

plus shipping and handling fees. Contact Takach Press for more information

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hand Rocked Mezzotint Plates

Hand Rocked Mezzotint Plate
Hand Rocked Mezzotint Copper Printmaking Plate
Takach Press is excited to offer hand rocked mezzotint plates to the printmaking community. These plates are hand rocked unlike many that are rocked by machine. The surface of the plate can be rocked in three finishes deternined by the number of lines per inch.
Mezzotint Rocker
Edward C. Lyons Mezzotint Rocker
A course rocked mezzotint plate has 45 lines per inch, medium has 65 lines per inch and fine has 85 lines per inch. The rocking is done by hand with an Edward C. Lyons Mezzotint rocker.