Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hand Rocked Mezzotint Plates

Hand Rocked Mezzotint Plate
Hand Rocked Mezzotint Copper Printmaking Plate
Takach Press is excited to offer hand rocked mezzotint plates to the printmaking community. These plates are hand rocked unlike many that are rocked by machine. The surface of the plate can be rocked in three finishes deternined by the number of lines per inch.
Mezzotint Rocker
Edward C. Lyons Mezzotint Rocker
A course rocked mezzotint plate has 45 lines per inch, medium has 65 lines per inch and fine has 85 lines per inch. The rocking is done by hand with an Edward C. Lyons Mezzotint rocker.


Carol Sanchez said...

My name is Carol Sanchez and I will custom hand-rock mezzotint copper plates for Takach Press Co.. I made my first Mezzotint in 1994 and have produced many mezzotint prints since, and I'm still rocking! !!!. When you order mezzotint plates you will have the choice of coarseness/finish of your plate. The finish is determined by the gauge of the rocker. The gauge of rocker is basically lines per inch. A 45= coarse, deeper pit, plate will hold up longer, takes longer to burnish and scrape to pure whites. A 65=medium fine finish, easier to burnish/scrape to pure white, has a softer quality (Visually). A 85=very fine much softer and delicate quality very easy to get to pure whites, good for delicate imagery. All gauges produce rich,lush and velvet blacks that is what known for mezzotint. For my own work I tend to mostly use 45 and 65 gauge. In keeping with the high quality that Takach Press provides, the plates will be thoroughly rocked at the highest and finest quality.
Carol Sanchez

Adabel said...

I thought it might be Carol doing this for Takach. Her work is superb! Highly recommend her talent and save yourself some elbow work by hiring Takach/Carol for these plates for luscious prints that only mezzos can achieve. Kudos Carol and Takach!

Alan Takach said...

We are very pleased by the quality of her meticulous rocking. What is the biggest plate you have rocked or even seen fully rocked?