Monday, March 24, 2008

Innovative Design Of Traditional Etching Press

Takach Etching Press Synchronized Pressure System

Takach Synchronized Pressure Etching Press
Takach Etching Press With Synchronized Pressure System And Rotational Blanket System

Takach Synchronized Pressure Table Top Etching Press
Takach Table Top Etching Press With Synchronized Pressure System, Rotational Blanket System, and Optional Captains Wheel
The Synchronized Pressure System is an optional feature on etching Presses, that allows adjustment of printing pressure from a single side of the printing press. The chain driven pressure screws move in unison, eliminating the need to walk around the etching press to adjust printing pressure. The Synchronized Pressure System ensures even printing pressure without the need of the micrometer dials. It saves valuable print studio space, as it allows a press to be used when placed against a wall. The complete package consists of synchronized pressure system, rotational blanket system and felt blankets. The rotational blanket system raises the felts off of the printing surface, freeing the hands of the printmaker during printing. The Rotational Blanket System feature eliminates the need to handle the blankets as they are neatly kept out of the way while remaining on the etching press ready for use.

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