Thursday, May 22, 2008

Takach Press New Online Fine Art Printmaking Store

We at Takach Press are working on building a new online store to better serve the printmaking community. Things will look very similar but you will need to be reissued a password as that information will not be transfered to the new store. Please feel free to leave feedback for us.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Printmaking Exposure Units For Sale Used

Used NuArc Exposure Unit
1000 Watt, Table Top Plate Maker For Sale
Model 26-1K Mercury Exposure System

Used NuArc Exposure Unit Printmaking
Used NuArc Exposure Unit For Sale
Integrated Light Source with vacuum contact frame.
22" x 26" vacuum frame for exposing, Photo-Litho, KM and Solar Photopolomer Plate, ImagOn Films.

Exposure unit Specifications
NuArc company, inc.
Chicago, Illinois U.S.A.
Model: 26-1K-LC
Serial: 271h84-049
Volts: 100/120
Amps: 11/10
Hertz: 60
Lamp: GW114 Lamp, 135v, 1000W
$695.00 Plus Shipping and Handling
For More Information Please Call 1-800-248-3460 or Email:
or see New Exposure Units available through Takach Press