Monday, July 06, 2009

New used equipment now available

As of July 6th we now have a one time offer of a ferric chloride etching kit. This kit includes a open box vertical etching tank that has the last tank insert available. The kit also includes four gallons of ferric chloride, a bottle of the Z*acryl hardground and stopout resist.
We also have a barely used NuArc table top plate maker available. From what we were told the NuArc is in very good shape and is located in California. The rarest item we now have listed is the used custom roller that measures 11" diameter x 27" face length with a roll-out of 34.56". This roller is a soft roller (20) durometer and is in great shape. This roller was manufactured in 1995. Please contact us if you are interested.


Alan Takach said...
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Robert Anders - artist said...

A question for prinmakers and expert platmaking folks,
I recently ran accross a quanity of old Polychrome Posimatte (positive working offset 30x40 alum. litho plates) I used them (in years past)for hand printing litho, they've been all sealed up for over 15 years. My problem is... I have no developer for these plates, nor do I know enough about the chemistry to fabricate it. Do you think the Handshy or Horsell positive litho developer would work on this plate emulsion?

Alan Takach said...

I think that it may be worth trying, the only developer that we currently carry is positive plate developer powder.